Northeastern Festival

The 2017 NorthEastern Electro-Music Festival will take place

September 8-10!

How To Participate

Past Festivals

If you would like to attend but have not been to a festival in the past, click the “How To Participate” link. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the next festival!

Feel free to browse pictures and videos from previous festivals in the “Past Festivals” section to get an idea of what goes on at the Northeastern Electro-Music festival.

Here is the artists line-up for the northeastern electro-music festival 2017:


Musical Artists:

Arthur Loves Plastic
Auroric Dreams
Andrew Koenig
Andrew Sblendorio
Audio Mace
Benjamin Mauch
Campfire’s Edge
Dave Sneed
Erik T. Lawson
Errant Space
Escape Velocity
Harrison McKay
Jack Tamul
Joe Belknap Wall
Jim Spitznagel
Julius Bucsis
Laura Woodswalker
Lyn Goeringer
Lux Seeker
Mario-enrique Paoli
Michael aTonal Vick
MIDI Users Group
Noize Index
Pallid Mask
Project Ruori
Quality Choice Videoclub
Robert Dorschel

The Melting Transistor
Todd Campbell
Tom Bruce
Tony Gerber
Trenton Stoke
Vibraphonik Electronik


Modular Church – directed by Mike Hunter
Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra – directed by Andrew Koenig

Visual Artists:

Jim Tuite
Laura Woodswalker
Project Ruori
Special Agent Aguam
The Rainbow Connection


Creativity Workshop – Tanya Thielke
Talk and Seminar – Howard Moscovitz
Voder Demo – Doug Slocum
Introduction to Visuals in Processing – Andrew Sblendorio
Modular Workshop – Mike Hunter


About The NorthEastern Electro-Music Festival:

The original Electro-Music festival settled in at the Greenkill Retreat Center in Huguenot, NY in 2010. Now with the establishment of the Indianapolis (the current official Electro-Music Festival) and Asheville festivals, the Greenkill event has been renamed the Northeastern Electro-Music Festival.

The Northeastern festival is known for its unique flavor. Taking place amongst the beautiful mountains of Upstate New York, it has more of a retreat feel than the other more traditional festivals. Electro-Music enthusiasts gather for three full days of musical performances, with every performance being accompanied by a visual artist. There are workshops and demonstrations put on by attendees throughout the day; as well as a swap meet where attendees can buy and sell gear.

Performances include solo artists and groups. Solo artists range from saxophonists to percussionists, computer musicians to modular-synth gurus, guitarists to individuals who design and create their own instruments. Some featured groups travel and perform together regularly, while others form solely to perform at the festival and create unique improvisations. Some participants choose to take on conducting ensembles, leading  groups such as the Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra or the Zero-Input Mixer Orchestra.

The nature of workshops is incredibly broad: workshops at the 2016 festival included an introduction to modular synthesis, a Rhythm workshop with Dr. Wayne Kirby and Roy “Futureman” Wooten, an overview of Ableton Link, basics of Max/MSP,  as well as general topics in composition, touring and booking, and FAIL! Or how to survive as an artist in the modern era. Demonstrations included a modern replica of the VODER talking machine that first appeared at the 1939 World’s Fair and San Francisco Exposition, and the Fufue Machine iOS app.

There is a strong sense of community at the events. Many people have been attending the events for years and keep returning. Many people post pictures and videos to facebook as the event is going on.

The Greenkill Retreat Center is about twenty minutes north of Port Jervis, in Huguenot, NY. This centralized yet remote location is the perfect scenic location for the festival, and we have attendees who come from all over the northeast, the country, and the world who attend the event each year. Lodging and food are available on-site.